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    Naruto Enma the Monkey king

    Since Sandaime Hokage was able to suimmon Enma the monkey king and even monkey's do you think that his grandson Konohamaru will be able to summon Enma too. Since they were very close and most of the Hokage's where able to summon some kind of animal to help fight, look at The First with the Jinchūriki's, The Second unsure but most like a shark( just speculating, since it is said that he could summon water from anywhere even if there wasnt a body of water around), the THird had Enma, The Fourth had the Toads, the Fifth had the Toads and Kakashi next projected hokakge has his dogs and the the 7th hokage can summon the toads already; we all kno that Konohamaru and Naruto consider each other to be brothers and if anything was to happen to Naruto when he hokage it is more likely gonna be passed to Konohamaru who's gonna look after Naruto's child some what like Kakashi did for Minato the 4th Hokkage.

    Since Konohamaru is gonna be the next hokkage its either he's gonna get enma or the toads as his summon. Do ya think the third may have left the scroll behind for his families usage, dnt say tht asuma didnt have a summon, we could speculate that he may have had it since summons are usually handed down through the family or student and teacher, give your thoughts? be kind its my first thread.

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    Sure if Konohamaru signs or has signed a contract to summon monkeys. My thoughts say he hasn't done it and probably won't anytime soon.

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    fourth had toads, fifth had slugs

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    It was thread about it

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    he will most likely learn the jutsu at allot later age than naruto and sasuke did but i think ebizu or what ever closet perverts name is has been inspired by naruto to push konohamaru allot harder than a typical nin would as most of the jutsu the rookie nine knew were vastly out of their age gap. i also think with sarutobi and asuma dead and no mention of his parents he might have to travel to the monkeys to sign the contract.
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    Why do we care about Konohamoru? He's barely even in the manga. His time to shine, if ever, is far off.

    The one thing I find interesting is that the only summoning contract scroll we have seen is the one with the toads. I'd be interested to see who the carriers of the other contract scrolls are. Based on how strong Jiraiya was, the other shinobi who carry scrolls are probably really strong too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdw_WindStyle View Post
    Why do we care about Konohamoru? He's barely even in the manga. His time to shine, if ever, is far off.

    Why not care about Konohamoru. The theme of the story is The Next Generation will Surpass the Next. So that means the Konohamoru will most likly be stronger than some of the ninjas we see now. Plus he just finished the academy not to long ago. If you remember Naruto, and Sasuke wasnt that good when they finished the Academy. So to people STOP hating on Konohamoru he just became a genin he isnt suppose to be a ninja thats going to wow you yet.

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    didnt enema die along with sarbutobi?

    ..hehe a monkey named enema.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Nope. Kohonamaru is going to die so it really doesn't matter.
    Danzou just killed Konohamaru.

    I'm wondering, though,is it possible for anyone to sign a contract when there is no one else who can summon?

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