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    Master Roshi won't even lay a hand on Aizen...even that old geezer can't dispel his shinkai.

    but that's just me.

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    Aizen needs to win. And move on with the storyline.

    Yamamoto might not be killed by Aizen, but he'll at least be incompastated like the other people Aizen has owned in his lifetime.

    If Yamamoto wins, and the Squad 0 and the King of SS never gets revealed, or only get revealed in a few panels, that will make things suck. There's still a lot of storyline to go that's dependant on Aizen moving forward.

    Then Aizen, after beating up on Yama-jii will say, "I already found 2/3rds of the Royal Key, I will only need 1/3rd of the population of Karakura town to complete it." Or some BS like that. And no one important from Karakura town will be killed and turned into Royal Key Jello to fit the mold. Just as Planned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perverted Pirate View Post
    Aizen is just to powerful, absolute hypnosis, it's pretty much unbeatable.

    Oh and McCain ftw!
    lol , im srry to interrupt but Obama is gonna win.

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    The fights never gonna happen, in fact, I highly doubt that we'll even see yamamoto use his bankai. Aizen will prob open a portal and run off to SS half way through the fight, or maybe he was an illusion to begin with who knows, but Aizen and Yama ain't gonna fight, It doesn't work for teh storyline, and I'm pretty sure Kubo isn't intent on finishing the story anytime within the next few years, prob has another 200 chapters planned already.

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    i voted for aizen
    cant explain why
    but aizen all the way he is so much badass
    just kicking komamura's butt like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by ByaKuya_ View Post
    lol , im srry to interrupt but Obama is gonna win.
    *Interrupt all you want ^-^* Nah, not likely, Obama was born in Kenya so legally he can't be president

    Yeah Aizen has to win but I hope he kills old Yama 'cause there's like an anti-death thing in Bleach even thought hey loose like 10 liters of blood per fight per person.
    I also want to see what Aizen has planned and for him to repeat his catchphrase
    Far too awesome for your eyes!

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    VA carrollton
    political debate in a manga forum

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    No way I'm reading through all these weird post, so if anyone said this already, too bad.

    The 2 will eventually fight and Aizen will win. Why? Because if it's not the case, the series'll become too lame, and mr. Kubo must know that. In a series, the 2 top forces have to fight eventually. Period.

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    I also don't feel like reading opinions about strippers, uhmm I mean u.s. politicians.

    But we all know that Aizen would win, he already pulled an "Aizen" on Yama twice lol. Plus his possible hollow power that Yama doesn't have.
    As long as Yama didn't do something to dispell the effects of kyoka suigetsu (which is the case, hence his action to trap Aizen from the beginning), he's f***ed. Aizen can make him do the chicken lol.
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    i think if aizen can drag the fight out, (which he probably can since his databook stats r equal to yama) he can win, since yama does not have too much stamina.

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