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    Yamamoto vs Aizen

    This question is being bugging me for a while now and quite frankly, it is a fair question to ask. Yamamoto, the senior captain of the gotei 13 vs aizen, who would win?

    whats up with aizen zanpakatou that yamamoto didnt notice his scam in soul society? He is old enough and he had at least seen one zanpakatou similar to aizen's...

    anyhow thoughts?

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    too close too close...

    i dont think they will fight each other anyhow. it will be ichigo or someone like that.
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    Yamamoto is Captain COmmander FOr a reason
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    You got a point there, it would have been a lot easier if he would've fight aizen since day one, there has to be a reason why he hasnt.

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    Aizen is crazy with the way he plans things out u cant be counting him out just like that that old man would've took aizen out a long time ago if he was capable since he hasn't guess he cant

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    I think Yamamoto is more powerful. Even if the DB suggests otherwise I still doubt it. But Aizen most likely has something up his sleeve which would create disadvantages... Other then that I wouldn't know unless they fought.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    I vote for Aizen. And thats only because of the data book. The Commander is strong, but he doesn't have the stamina to really endure a long fight. Yea he held Aizen and crew with the fire, but honestly Aizen and the rest probably could have advoided that if they wanted to. But to be honest, I don't think they came to fight directly until all the Espada wipe out what they could first.
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    yeah i guess he aint shikamaru. lol

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    I choose Aizen because I believe If he went against Soul Society he must have calculated his strength against the strongest within Soul Society and conclude that he could beat all the strongest within their military strength. Therefore, he must have gain the strength to beat even Yamamoto.

    Even thou Yamamoto was the strongest to lead the entire 13 squad the question remain whether he's still the strongest within Soul Society, remember he's aging.

    I think what hinder Aizen in totally recalculating his plans was the introduction of Ichigo within the equation. Ichigo battle strength is mystery that puzzle Aizen, i.e. whether Ichigo is strong enough to stand against him and his plans.

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    I don't think Aizen will team up with Yamamamamamamamato

    Yamamamamamm will fight Barragan and then...... something else happens no one can predict.

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    I think another factor will come in and stop Aizen fighting Yamamoto, though if they were to fight, Yamamoto would prob win, with fire surrounding him, Aizen just can't get close to him even if his invisible. But more importantly, I'm more intrested in squad zero! In the flash back turn back the pendlum, they meantioned that a squad captain was promoted to squad zero, which says heaps of how powerful that squad must be if the squad members themselves are captain level or above.

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