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  • Madara (He's the leader of the strongest organization for god's sake)

    24 21.05%
  • Pain (Yes, I feel I've been overwhelmed by his godly powers)

    38 33.33%
  • Killer Bee/Raikage (He survived the whole of Hawk attacking him and his bro's just as strong)

    15 13.16%
  • Naruto (Well, the series is called Naruto after all)

    27 23.68%
  • Itachi (He was ill/hurt when he lost to Sasugay and I don't think anyone can beat Susanoo)

    19 16.67%
  • Minato (The 'god' of the strongest village)

    33 28.95%
  • Chouji (Do I need to say any more?)

    10 8.77%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by questionable1 View Post
    Whats wrong with drugs?
    Drugs are for the weak.

    And still choosing Chouji. Just watch him supersize and splat everything. Only thing that would stop him would be a giant splinter

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    doesnt chouji use drugs?

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    In my opinion, I would say killer bee.

    Mandara- Well the only defense here is that we seen killer bee fight and we haven't seen mandara fight. So until then killer bee is stronger.

    Pain- Though pein(s) is god, He is only go when all 6 are together. Mr. 8 can fight well on his own. But then again the 6 bodies are part of pein kegakenkai. (sry for spelling). Though I still think that Mr. 8 can take out pein if he doesn't fight all 6 at once like J-man did.

    Naruto- better hold on his bijuu

    Itachi- defence for itachi....i guess it better to see how thier fight would end up than to speculate how it would end up.

    Minato- same thing as itachi. But then again I never seen Minato go all out in a fight. Or even fake a fight like itachi did, since he's been dead. But if they were to fight i think Mr. 8 would...........

    Chouji- ummm.....i don't think i need to explain this one.

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