Theres always one thing that bugged me with the Whole Jiraiya knowing the secret to pain. Its 3am so i dont wanna look for the pages to post spoilers atm.

Ok so, After Pain hit or stabbed J-mans throat, he says "If we hadnt kept our secret, we would of been done for" or something of that nature. Now, lets keep in mind that regardless of what would of been said, J-man was the only person there to actually hear it besides Ma and Pa. This means even if J-man already knew it, it was the fact that he was about to SAY IT, that got Pain all worked up. This leads me to believe that what ever he was going to say was either A. Going to dispel or release something or B. I dont know maybe Pain is hurt by a word of choice and would of been paralyzed or something due to truama??

Am I looking to much into it? Discuss please~