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    Tsunade's abilities are best suited for healing ppl, thats why she's not on the frontlines. She can do a lot more good by helping keep ppl alive than rushing head first to her death. Why would she squander her unparalleled healing abilities? But If everything goes to shit though, she'll be out there fighting as well.

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    K lol ninja doctors and regular people doctors are very different things. Was Che the best doctor his people had? Tsunade is their best medical nin and they need her healing, going out and dieing serves no purpose but to further weaken Konoha, possibly even destroy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10 Shequel View Post
    Besides, I don't mean to show off,not at all..... But I have been through a war while serving in The army.

    And as a commander, I know how important it is to set an example and battle with The soldiers.
    AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL : Only from The field itself you can give relevant orders just because you can feel The Situation!

    Konoha Ninja does not Protect The Hokage. They Protect The Village and The King.
    The King being The future generation.
    That's The spirit of Konoha according to The writer.

    And about Tsunade meant to heal.................
    Che Guevara for example was a Doctor.
    But when he became commander, he was into LEADING from The field and not healing.

    I am surprise nobody here thinks this way, yet.
    The Hokage is a Ninja also!
    He is suppose to lead from The field and battle!
    First things first, salute to you for standing up and fighting for your country.

    Second of all, you can't compare Tsunade to a commander.

    I am not familiar with how it is done in war-time, but is a major in the army leading the field? Or, for that matter, is the President leading the field?

    Leaf have the Jounin to lead the line, and Tsunade will be in on the action when she seems it is fit.

    She should not foolishless jump into battle on a whim, she is just too important.


    Awesome, just awesome

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    all tsunade haters are obviously gay...

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    well I suppose some of you just aren't at that age yet....

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    at what age? O.O lmao

    such huge breast so full of sorrow

    such an epic line by j-man^^
    (if i got it wrong, by FFF bad)

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    tsunade is obviously the best medical ninja in the continent even orichimaru knew enough to go to her when the 3rd cut the soul arms off his soul body =p.

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    stop the h8 sh's nice looker and the best doc in manga


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    tsunade can heal, lets have danzou prove his worth and let him fight pein.

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    Tsunade's healing power may be one of her main abilities.. but shes not a one trick pony.

    You also have to remember that Sakura is almost her equal in just about everything we can compare them in other than breast size, and is what.. 1/3 her age?

    I think we will see Tsunade fighting one of the paths at some point in this arc.. and I feel bad for the animal realm if it ends up being her. I can only see maybe one path taking out either Sakura or Tsunade in a one on one fight.. and that's God realm. but its doubtful any of the paths will really try to go one on one with the more powerful leaf shinobi. like demon realm joining god realm against kakashi
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