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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    To say Danzo cares about the village well that kinda depends on your POV. Like Asuma tried to teach Shikamaru the King is the future generations so in essance that is the village not the buildings and the moutians.

    Danzo doesnt strike me as someone who cares about the people of Konoha he just wants the strong military power that Konoha has so he can shape the world to his likening.

    Dont be fooled by Danzo he has no regard for the will of fire there by he doesnt give a damn about his fellow villagers in the same way. They are just tools there to serve Konoha which is what he teaches his subordiantes in Root.

    Danzo is using the terror of outside threats to help him reshape konoha to his will. I bet he was the master mind behind the Uchiha massacre who influenced & manilpulated the 2eldars into wiping them out. Soon Danzo's plot and backstory will come to light and the 2 eldars will realize that he was playing them for years only it will be too late for them
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    Danzou is officially an advisor to the Hokage, currently however he is trying to be a shadow Hokage, perhaps even undermining the real Hokage's authority.

    If the Hokage's decision doesn't suit him, he just circumvents it. He is not loyal, and in some ways his actions can be considered TREASON, a crime punishable by death.

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    Freakshow for once i disagree with you (just about tsunade bashing) thats the first time ive actually appreciated her as hokage, bitch slapping "advisors" that have been around for donkeys years and are up their own asses at this point i assume i agree with everything else didnt get to read it all cause im in a rush but we usually agree

    No need to kill frogs, seriously naruto's going to have vendetta's everywhere, Pain, Danzou, Sasuke (unsuccessful killer bee capture)

    good times

    Great chapter

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    Sorry, but I owe this thread all my despise.
    Tsk, how can you see it that way, Danzou deserving respect is ridicolous. He's a bloody bastard, that doesen't care how many ppl die in order to accomplish hois goals!
    You tell he's great and awesome, his care about the village...bla bla bla..I know he might think he's doing the bes for the village, but there is a preise reason he wasn't elected hokage years ago. Because he lacks FAITH and doesen't show even an inch of the WILL OF FIRE!
    All hokages that have been ruling over Konoha till now had the will of fire, which meant they trusted each other, and Konoha survived because of it. The 1st hokage, the 3rd and the 4th died for the village as heroes and entrusted it to young wonderful ppl.
    Danzo instead is an old limited, faithless fart, who would never entrust anything to anyone. He would never die for the village in such a wonderful way! He would make all shinobi fight in his place first!
    Tsunade is a good hokage imo. She might seem useless and all, but remember. She is one of the sannin, she isn't stupid. Even in the past she made good advices to the Hokage and Dan(her bf) knew she was right. Even if she seems an easy target because of her feelings, she has something that a hokage is supposed to have: faith. As long as the Will of Fire lasts there is no chance for pain to win, and Naruto could actually win over Pain. With his new skills and all. Maybe you'd say i's impossible in his curren level, but don't forget that he'd not be alone. There would be all his comanions helping him. Shikamaru, Sakura, Hinata, KAKASHI, and even Tsunade. If the elders and Danzou helpe themselves they could kill Pain. ut they won't, because of Danzou's pride.
    Danzou isn't worth any respect.

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    Danzou deserves death. Perhaps he can be the first and only person that Sasuke actually kills.

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    I believe even though Pain defeated Jiraiya, On even ground, Jiraiya would have decimated Pain. For one reason, he didn't expect that there were extra bodies. Second reason, Pain said Jiraiya would have beat him. That is more reason enough to believe Jiraiya was stronger than Pain.

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    All I know is that he killed a frog and is responsible for Sai's personality, or lack there of, so I can't really judge him. I picked other because at least he's an interesting character and seeing his motives is something I'm particullarly interested in.

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    Well I'm just going to be smart and wait to see what happens. There is no telling what could happen you know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakshow View Post
    Of all people, she should know that Pain is not a joke, he defeated Jiraiya, the second strongest of the Sannins and her former Teammate.
    You mean the strongest ofcourse...

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    All I know is that he killed a frog and is responsible for Sai's personality, or lack there of
    That sums up pretty much all my hatred for Danzou right there. You forgot to mention he's a prat. That is all.

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    tsunade trusts naruto. its the main of the manga. believe in others, and believe in yourself...yada yada


    since danzo killed the frog, naruto cant come there to save everyone,(with his new jutsu) so people will die because of danzo. but then again, if tells Pain that Naruto isnt here, then he will gain my respect...which means we have to see what his plans are
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