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    it is dog shape, so let's call it doggy style chidori.
    I think it's about time to see this kind of move from kakashi since he is the one who invented chidori and taught it to sasuke. and don't forget he is also a genius that acknowledged by sannin so he's gotta be able to do shape manipulation that sasuke can.
    I guess he won't die anytime soon, or I hope he won't. he's too awesome to die.
    but kishi love killing awesome character I guess(jiraiya, sarutobi, 4th...)

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    kakashis dog chidori got owned by pein's barrier/shockwave

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    Kakashi's new jutsu is cool but you have to admit, pain made it look like an ameture jutsu.

    And now bomber-pain joined in

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    What do you guys make of Kakashi's new Chidori wolf attack thing?

    I always wondered why Kakshi didnt expand his Chidori more it seems that he has tho it looks like a mini Kirin. Seems like Kakashi is pulling out all kind of new moves in his battle with Pain you have to wonder whats next.


    Masashi Kishimoto is pulling out all the stops with Kakashi in these following chapters can't help wandering if Kakashi might face his death.

    However, Kakashi still has his Sharingan but that requires time to setup ,therefore, he would need someone to come and assist him. This will keep Pain busy while he gather the necessary chakra to execute his new Sharingan ability.

    Other than that, Genjutsu is his finally playing card and we have seen him use Genjutsu with the Sharingan before even thou that's one of the Sharingan greatest powers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ofTheDesert View Post
    I think Gai will save him.
    that might be true, we haven't seen gai in a while, but he might end up fighting the taijutsu guy of pein's bodies

    Know his name: Jiraiya Sama of the legendary Sannin
    May he rest in peace and he will be sorely missed, the strongest out of all the three

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    A lot of you seem to ignore the fact that it wasn't an all out attack by Kakashi. His remark about the barrier working on both ninjutsu and physical attacks implies he was only testing the properties of the barrier.

    This battle hasn't even started, and yet mostly everyone seems to see it ending.

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    I agree with kurohikari, Kakashi is just beginning , he's in the stage of EVALUATING his opponent , real battle is still to come

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    uk baby yeh!
    i hope we see allot more from kakashi as i have seen no reason what so ever up to now for him to be thought of as konoha's next hokage and i very much want to see some evidence to the contrary.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    It's a ne shape alteration. He improved his chidori, from a short range attack to a long range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slavkovski View Post
    can anybody tell me in which chapter guy talk about this?? i've heard about this before but i dont ever recall have seen it in the manga...
    in the chuunin exam finals, when sasuke first shows chidori, Gai explains the attack to sakura and lee. then he says that chidori is kakashi's only original jutsu and that its real name is Raikiri because kakashi once split a lightning or something like that.

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