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    I say his second element should be lightning, cause I play the naruto card game and he's a lightning card so its

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    What surprise me the most is he doesn't even rely on the nine tail chakra at all now. That's just scary, he's been training over and over with out even releasing a bit f the nine tail chakra like he was controlling it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaraky696 View Post
    What surprise me the most is he doesn't even rely on the nine tail chakra at all now. That's just scary, he's been training over and over with out even releasing a bit f the nine tail chakra like he was controlling it.
    yup hes proving that hes a great ninja in his own right aswell as a powerful jinchuriki and people around him have started to recognise this and his ability to surpass the greatest of ninjas.
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    I agree with the people that have said something along the lines of, "It might not be a wind based jutsu." We don't see any evidence that wind chakra is involved. There's lots of things that have cutting attributes.

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    i dont think that lightning move was chidori it could have just been some different raiton move

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasen View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vesperia View Post
    So, since it's unlikely this is the same attack Jiraiya was telling naruto not to use (Since he didn't know about his element usage yet), does that mean that naruto has two secret moves ready?
    I think what Jiraiya was referring to not using the Kyuubi's power.

    I think Naruto's new move is a wind-based attack that can't be seen with the naked eye: an invisible force that can cut through anything.

    Hopefully, Naruto has developed a few techniques. Every time Naruto trains, he comes out with one technique. Technically, Sage mode is a technique, that secret jutsu he's working on is another. So far he has 2 new techniques, maybe he has a couple more that we haven't seen yet.

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    yeah cuz naruto agreed to what jiriya said without hesitation...if you remember.

    but when he made the wind shuriken, and he was told not to use it ever by tsunade..he said he knows his body better than anyone else.

    or is that too much deep thinking for a shonen manga?

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    doubt it

    Jiraiya says "dont use that jutsu"

    kyuubi power isnt a jutsu, and naruto has no control over when the kyuubi power leaks out so jiraiya saying that is pointless

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hero108 View Post
    Paulbee your looking at the wrong chapter the newest chapter shows fallen stems to the right hand side of the initial cut tree.

    Also I dont see why this cant be the technique naruto and jiraiya where talking about, so "we assume" its been fused with wind nature energy, what if originally it was a shape manipulation alteration of the rasengan, reducing it to a flat surface rather then a spherical ball, which only worked when naruto was in kyubbi mode, and failed when he was normal naruto as the disc dissipated after leaving naruto's grip, therefore it was naruto's idea following kakashi's training to infuse it with wind nature chakra (while training at night without Yamoto or kakashi) once he realised this wouldnt work continued with the rasen shuriken and only now has returned to perfecting it following learning sage mode for control

    please discuss
    Don't mean to be a (wishy-washy) drag and we'll just have to wait and see, but once again I'm thinking vaporize after being swayed to slice.

    Reason is one tree thing look like it's a fallen trunk, but where are the others? there should have been many, plus there are no fallen trunks in the older picture.

    Significance: This could be a whole new serious overwhelming Mass Destruction, mess-up-your-day type jutsu for our boy Naruto. Nobody's going to be underrating him anymore after this (Blush-Blush..Hinata-chan ).

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    Here is what I think, Jiraya show him a theory he came up with to use the rasengan as a shiruken, so when he was show shape manipulation he realize it could be done, but he couldn't do it since the 9tail chackra would take over him, so after he mastèred sage mode he realize that "it" could be Done

    Bytheway it would just be called the complete RasenShiruken

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