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Thread: Pein's Rinnegan

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    Rinnegan circle look like a "radar" signal s the iris being the "target" lol.

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    he would need peircings lodged in his eyeballs then :o

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    Did you see the Anime made Pains face Grey? as opposed to what kishi just published a couple of chapters ago with the colour version showing him to have skin coloured skin

    also they made him say "heh" like he has a sense of humour, i thought he's supposed to be a mono-tonal god and nothing phases his lack of emotion

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    Im guessing pein's renningan gains more power with every body he gets to himself, since every pein has a different specialty, so im guessing each pein's reningan has different effects, as for dimensional pein, he prolly has a dimension that negates attacks

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