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  • Naruto and Sakura vs Kakashi (they really do suck if they won with such a cheap trick)

    3 5.77%
  • Kakashi and Naruto vs Deidara (ZOMG MS ON KAKASHI!?! I'M WET ALL OVER)

    3 5.77%
  • Chio and Sakura vs Sasori (puppets make me excited)

    15 28.85%
  • Gai vs Kisame (Taijutsu always makes awesome fights)

    7 13.46%
  • Kakashi and Naruto vs Itachi (a big rasengaan is always awesome no?)

    4 7.69%
  • Deidara vs Gaara (Sand on Clay action! MOAR!!)

    6 11.54%
  • Naruto vs Oro (I enjoy epic battles -_-)

    15 28.85%
  • Team Gai vs their clones (if you pick this you are failure and a banned member as of right now)

    1 1.92%
  • Naruto vs Kakuzu

    13 25.00%
  • Asuma and Shikamaru vs Hidan

    7 13.46%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Naruto Battles

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    VOTE Battle. And eventually Sasuke vs Itachi will be my favourite in the anime when it gets animated . Also Jiraiya vs Pein will be very interesting to see animated.

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    Eh, I don't really like any of those battles up there but I guess Sasori vs Chiyo and Sakura was the best one up there, although I accidentally voted on the Kakashi and Naruto vs Itachi.

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    I won't pick until after I see them all animated. The manga is great, but nothing like animation to really show you how awesome a shinobi is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Sakura vs Ino. Most useless and long drawn out battle ever in the anime.
    The most useless battle I agree, but the most drawn out battle in the history of anime has to be from Dragonball Z. The Z fighters battled Frieza for 264,573 episodes, and then Goku showed up and battled for an additional 2,000 episodes.

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    deidara vs gaara was like the best fight ever ... all the rest on that list dont even compare to it tbh...

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