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does it mean the captured guy can also do sage mode?
I doubt it bro
If jiraiya the badass did use that 30% chakra jutsu, then the used up body can use sage mode, cause just how when kisame and itachi did that, that itachi was able to use sharingan, genjutsu, and even cast genjutsu on naruto with nothing but his finger, kisame was able to use all his broken ass water jutsu and able t control his chakra eating sword, and they weren't even the real itachi n kisame, plus itachi used fire jutsu, and not only is that a uchiha attack, but only konoha ninjas have been able to use fire-based attacks, and the guy that was "itachi" was a sand ninja, so im positive that that sand ninja could use, sharingan, genjutsu same as itachis, and fire jutsu, so to answer your question, he fake jiraiya was able to use sage mode, then again these are all asumptions and predictions, just hope j-man is alive, he r badass.lol