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Thread: Mod status

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    /me gets out and tries to forget all he's read in this thread.

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    ha I was a mod for pojo. All I can say is "crazy shit"
    I don't think anyone except mods knows what it's like.
    But it wasn't just the threads! We had a trading system. Everyday there was always someone complaining or fighting about not getting this or BLAH!!!

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    We don't have trading systems. We have private servers for online hentai streaming.

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    haha really? (not saying I'm into that kind of stuff)

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    This thread evolved into something one sees on IRC. -_-' As zidane said, the top dogs and cats already have an idea of who will be the next mod should they choose one. For eg. Vitron suddenly went blue a few months back.

    /me shrugs
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    why was this thread even still alive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    We don't have trading systems. We have private servers for online hentai streaming.
    When did you come around o.O

    Quote Originally Posted by eazybrowniemix View Post
    haha really? (not saying I'm into that kind of stuff)
    Yes we do and no you can't


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archiel View Post
    Yes we do and no you can't
    You know I never said I wanted to. Hentai is just another form of sad disgusting literature that usually appeals to losers.

    And hand banana. what's up with you and orochimaru?

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    i can draw a picture of him for you(off topic)

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    I was a mod once... I went rogue... messed around with some faggots and was kicked out.


    and I would do it all over again if I was mod. LOLOLOL WATCH OUT

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