As stated in the Pain and Konan thread and in countless other threads, most people think that Pain's true identity is somewhere in this picture.

The only thing that is really not associated with all the other images in that picture are the Great Sage Frog and the man J-Man captured.

If you reread the manga where he captured this man it seems like he knows everything of Pain's past, etc.,

Also, if you notice his hair style is almost the exact same as Nagato when he was younger. The only main difference is that it is now blonde but hit goatee is black. Now you can see he could be dying his goatee but it would make more sense that was his natural hair color and he is dying his hair, possibly to remember his friend.

Could it be that he is Nagato and he wanted to get inside Konoha without causing an alarm and now the Six Paths of Pain are just a diversion to what is upcoming in the manga?

Sorry this is my first time really posting just like reading, hope I am not noobing up the forums!