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Thread: Link Issues

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    Link Issues

    Lately when I click on a link. Let's say Naruto discussions, I don't get to the forum rather I return back to the same page.It's the same with every link. Even the Feedback, Suggestion & Issues thread. The only way to get out of this is to log in and log out then log in again to try to post. Perhaps it's because I did something to my Firefox but it's been working fine till lately --- 2 days ago.

    Any suggestions. Maybe I should use loli-fox instead of IE7

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    Maybe it's because you clicked the IRC button on the upper bar. Once you click it, the text "vbjirc" is added on the URL of the website, so wherever you click on Mangashare Forums will take you to the forums main page. Just remove "vbjirc" from the URL if that's the problem.

    If that's not the problem, then it's beyond my capacity..

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    Thanks Damz -- problem fixed. It was the IRC tab.

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