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    Improving the new rasengan

    On the 418 chapter i think the cloud of dust is his newest rasengan maybe he is learning to throw it, that's why you see the cloud of smoke near the mountains. What do you guys think.

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    could be, or it could also be an entire new jutsu, maybe even the jutsu jman mentioned n warned naruto to not use, for me, i'm inclined towards the latter

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    i dont think this jutsu has anything to do with rasengan, cuz rasengan is already at its limit.

    i think its a wind based jutsu

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    You can find other answers in the 3 other threads about this same exact thing.

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    Close please, discussed this 100 times already.

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    I can't wait!

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    well, it will be another 100 until naruto show us.

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    Well, if he was able to throw the Rasenshuriken is would make it a more useable jutsu without harming him.... I could see that happening

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKM View Post
    i dont think this jutsu has anything to do with rasengan, cuz rasengan is already at its limit.

    i think its a wind based jutsu
    How can that be, he only learned of his wind natured chakra recently, and we've seen it developed along with him. It's most likely something that Jiraiya taught him and was very dangerous and draining and could lead to his own death.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto.

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    I'm so sick of the same moves being used over and over again....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    J-Man would teach him something like that because? There has to be an explanatory reason behind that, because teaching the child prophecy a move that can result in his death is the smart thing to do right?
    HandBanana you are so wise

    I think its a new jutsu too, or at least I hope so. If it isn't I hope hes learning to use rasengan with just himself and not a shit ton of clones -_-

    I looks like a big attack though from the size of that cloud floating by, maybe its a cloud attack??? Raining Narutos?

    Either way I kinda like the new Naruto who has some what learned to calm down and listen (even if its just to nature) maybe now he will start showing everyone why he is the prophecy child.
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