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    I may be wrong but I think Naruto is not better than J-Man in Senjuu Arts.
    I probably understood it wrongly, but I think Naruto will need Pa for sure.
    And J-Man were at a higher level at Senjuu Arts.

    Sorry if I bother...
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    its not a bother..

    for one, j-man only appeared to be at a higher level in senjutsu arts due to the fact that he's had a lot of time to practice with them. as he drew on sage chakra more, he body got more froglike, meaning the nature chakra imbalance was growing.

    naruto on the other hand, while not having the decades of experience jiraiya has, can go into perfect sage mode.. and we've yet to see him use any senjutsu (as those glimpses we have seen of him training alone is with 'that' jutsu, or some other jutsu we've never seen him use up until now.. i've all but completely ruled out a perfected and thrown rasenshuriken or rasengan based on the craters those two techniques tend to make. it is likely to be something wind based though, whatever it is)
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