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    I agree. I've said before that sage mode's weakness is ma and pa frog, and I think Pain will decide to eliminate them somewhere.

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    Pain does not know the link between the sage mode and the presence of pa or ma frog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilesdiver View Post
    Pain does not know the link between the sage mode and the presence of pa or ma frog.
    If he can see the chakra flow he could figure it out, but oh well, he doesnt care hisb sword just mess up the chakra. As well he has seen sage mode from Jiraiya so it might be even weaker with Naruto, unless he mix the kyuubi chakra with it which probly gonna happen if the village start to crumble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cub@n!T!co View Post
    I think Naruto will figure a way to use the nature chackra without pa n/or ma, I believe shadow clones will play a key role(again) while doing so, You know naruto'clones start gathering nature chackra then they come back to naruto and instead of knowledge the bring the nature chackra
    Was thinking the same thing. Seems to me no matter what new thing he learns he always incorporate his clones to make it stronger. And even if Ma and Pa don't die i think something will happen to prvent them from helping him and he would have to find a new way to use Sage mode with out their help which would probably be with clones
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    i also think in pains last act of desperation at the hands of narutos new jutsu, his last body will be monging out on the floor, he will look up point at the toads and that black sword will extend killing him sand we'll flash to nagato.s hiding place and he will jump up and tell some one "he's personally going to konoha" will be so cash and then naruto will have to master the sage arts by himself in time while also perfecting his new jutsu and working with the kyuubi.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    If Pa Frog dies then that will suck all of my memories of Jiraiya out of Naruto. He's the only thing that reminds me of Jiraiya :'(
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