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    Will the Real Nagato exist or the Sage of the Six Paths?

    I've been thinking about this, and I want to know what people think about it.
    I don't think the real Nagato exists anymore. If he does, he is in an dormant state. I don't think Nagato would do anything crazy like this based on Jiraiya's flashback. There has to be more with it. Based on what I read around the forums, Some people believe that the Sage of the Six Path's entity somehow overtook Nagato. That is what I believe also. Nagato is the second advent of the six paths basically. When Nagato was attacked when he was little, and he killed the jounin, I believe the six paths took over, and killed the guy to protect Nagato, who is the host. That is why Nagato didn't know what happened. Sort of like how the Kyuubi takes over Naruto to protect him, and afterwards, Naruto doesn't remember anything. Between the time period where Jiraiya left them and When Pain was recruited into Akatsuki, I believe the Sage of the Six Paths became too strong for Nagato to control, and it overtook him. It would be nice to see something like the real Nagato coming back if this really is true, or something along this lines actually happened.

    IMO Nagato is just a victim of the Sage of the Six Paths AKA Pain...
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