Konoha (Tsunade) is trusting on Naruto to take care of Pain when he will attack Konoha.

Personally, I think this is absurd!
Pain, a Ninja who has never lost and beat many great Ninjas such as Jiraya and Hanzo, cannot lose to Naruto who did few days of Sage training and now has (more or less) The same Sage abilities like Jiraya did.
I am not gonna put aside The fact that Jiraya was much better than Naruto in other fields if not ALL The other fields.

I really liked The clone training concept. a good explanation how Naruto can get real strong in a short time.
But this doesn't work here.

Also, Konoha didn't learn any thing about Pain - which could help Naruto.

At The moment I don't see how can Naruto win.