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If Kishimoto is using transmitter & receiver concept to explain Pain invisibility then I must say (speaking from experience) tracing the location of signal that you are receiving isn't an easy task. And, in some cases impossible.

They are many signal being broadcasting in the real world and to distinguish a signal one and tracing it's location requires some GPS help. The kind the CIA & Military have.

In konoha case they probably have no means to actually do a tracing of the signal. But, what they can do is catch the right frequency and broadcast their message to disturb the real Pain transmitting signal, i.e., blocking Pain signal.
true, but how many other people in the narutoverse are using the same method as Pain is using with those black recievers? Its not similar to the real world since there are a countless # of radio waves and such travelling thought the air. It wouldn't be too hard for them to trace 1 distictive signal.