So after watching the Naruto Shippuuden Konoha Gakuen Special, I got a big thought in my mind. I've always really wondered why Hinata was always portayed as the silent girl who for no reason at all was in love with Naruto. Now that Konoha is under attack, reason being Pain wanting Naruto, my question to everyone is, will Hinata play a big role in this situation.

What I keep pondering on is, will Kishi decide to take this somewhere else and Possible even kill Hinata because of her love for Naruto( I like Hinata dont take it the wong way)? Will She do everything in her powers to protect him?

This is my ideal situation. I see Hinata wooping one of Pain's bodies but then the tables start to turn. Hinata is on the brink of death but BOOOM in comes Naruto and save's the day.

Haha, what do you guys think? Is this going anywhere?