Ok, it's time for me to bring back the DID YOU KNOW THAT game.
But, first let me lay down some ground rules.
First when you ask a question. The question you are asking has to be a real world question. You can't post things about yourself. And how your feeling.
Accetable post's
Dykt Slayer concerts are brutal

Dykt the our sun is 1 of the smallest suns compared to the suns in the other galaxies

Dykt Canada's a nice place to live.

Unacceptable Post's

Dykt my last bowel movement was over 5 hours ago?"

Dykt i hate it when ppl look at me

dykt i am extremely ticklish

Stay on topic people and don't start posting about youselves again

Dykt the cubs have now gone 101 years without winning a world series