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I sorta figured this way before the sage training..

Here's what I said to a friend before the sage training happened:

"It could be that Naruto has some sort of technique that Jiraiya perhaps taught him or Naruto stumbled upon.. When Naruto came to use 'that jutsu' he ended up getting the four tails that almost killed Jiraiya in the three-year-training because the jutsu called upon more power maybe? That's why kishimoto will let Naruto unlock the kyuubi with the 'key' jiraiya entrusted to naruto(the talking frog scroll he jiraiya was talking to) just before he fought pain... Or then again the 'key' will be for Naruto to unlock and take the kyuubi down when he gets a new power somehow... hmmm..."

After the sage training, when Naruto said that he could use "that jutsu" I was sure I was right earlier because the sage training would give him enough strength to deal with the jutsu without forcing the kyuubi chakura out... sorta like how the wind shuriken rasengan training forced it out.....

That's my deduction

i dont think the part about unlocking the kyuubi is right, because if naruto thinks that he can handle the kyuubi in sage mode then what will he do when he is out of sage mode.

remember naruto can only use sage mode for a couple of mins and once sage mode is off the kyuubi will take over since he cant control it.

and naruto cant keep on calling pa ever min so that he can go into sage mode...

but i agree with u that its going to be "that jutsu" that j-man stated not to use!

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