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  • a stronger wind jutsu

    35 55.56%
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    I'm thinking "that jutsu" is another 4th jutsu that the jman taught naruto. maybe body flicker. the cloud was in the distance so i'm thinking: kage bunshin, then he makes wind rasengan, and then he has the kage bunshin hold the wind rasengan and body flicker at the target. would be a long range attack which naruto has always lacked and it would only hurt the kage bunshin.

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    There's no way Jiraiya knew the body flicker technique. . . That jutsu was unique to Minato. . . that's why they called him the Yellow Flash. . . I doubt he taught it to Jiraiya or else he would've used it when he was fighting Pain. . .

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    well actually u dont know cuz we didnt see the whole fight and also j-man was already fast enough with only senjutsu so y would he waste chakra on it

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    I think he would have used it when he realized that Pain's bodies shared vision between each other. . . Then he could have thrown those special kunais at each of the bodies and get them all at once (something like ). . . If his senjutsu was fast enough then he should've been able to do something similar, but couldn't. . . Body flicker would've been really convenient for that fight against pain. . . that's why I don't believe Jiraiya could use Body flicker. . .

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    he might actually be practising with the kyuubi as the sage mode would allow him enough chakra to stay in control of his body and protect him from the effects of it burning away at his skin it would also explains why he didn't want anyone to see him.(giant red chakra demon anyone?) we actually don't know the extent of naruto's experience with the kyuubi and as he turned into the four tails so quickly in the manga he could have used a more intimidating form when he trained with the j-man as in training he has more control of his emotions than he does in a real battle and more control of his actions.
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    I can't wait!

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    bangin yo mama!!!
    fuuton leaf spinning wind
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    Gray fox i thought the same thing,
    it would b cool if he was using the 9 tails?

    It does make sense y he dont want any 1 to c him doin it.

    unlike yall naruto is a part time thing i write this stuff when im board.

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    I don't think it's any type of elemental jutsu so I didn't vote at all. It is something that we haven't seen before, and it isn't a variation of rasengan. like others said previously before me, he learned how to manipulate his wind element way after there was word of "that jutsu".

    On the other hand, he might try to implement his knowledge of element manipulation into "that jutsu" to perfect it. bottom line is who knows....

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    Quote Originally Posted by naruto123 View Post
    Gray fox i thought the same thing,
    it would b cool if he was using the 9 tails?

    It does make sense y he dont want any 1 to c him doin it.
    Don't think he will be using the 9-tails for a least until he find out the reason it was sealed in him or if he just trips out lol.
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    well ladies and gentlemen, if u voted for a stronger wind jutsu, congrats u are correct. that jutsu result looks badass and i don't thing it is a rasengan technique.

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