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    Naruto Naruto 420 Discussion / 421 Predictions

    here go the the link. enjoy and discuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Nice vid. I always knew Sage mode wasn't hyped up to be. So don't expect a big fight With Naruto and Sasuke because we know who win that.

    Eh I don't understand? The only thing thats changed is he's gonna need Ma & Pa to maintain Sage mode. I don't see the negative in this. I know its a plus that the toad song can be used for naruto!
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    I'd rather wait for a scanlated version like we used to (missing the Binktopia releases :().

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    wow, lookin good, but i want the manga chapter too. why would the vid be out early, how the hell did that guy get his hands on it first.
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    even tough Kakashi got blew back he still was bada** how he just jumped in there i cant wait to see that fight

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    Naruto will use his kagebunshin instead of ma and pa... We all know naruto has a lot of trick using his kagebunshin... We'll see later on the next chapter...

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    nice chapter, there is no downside to sage mode, its is not really a risk or a weakness for naruto, because he can just use his clones as a distraction, and also i think kakshi is a match for pein, i mean come on u gotta give him some credit, he knew what peins plan was and so far he is on par with pein 4 now.

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    You can read it on onemanga already if you can't wait
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    OMG.....What a bull shit jutsu...Shit Mode, Sage Mode or whatever it's called. It can only last for 5-mins. Shit,'s only good for 2 or 3 quick attacks.

    I was hoping Naruto could fight in Sage Mode as long as had the strength but now there's a limitation and more risk.

    You know I think Kish is screwing with us.............First, he made us believe Naruto would be obtain some Jutsu or Power Up that would allow him to fight on the same level as Itachi, Kakashi, Jiraiya or Sasuke evenly.

    Instead he keeps give Naruto jutsus and styles which are lame (time limit & stand still while i power-up), predictable (once you have seen it before), risky (trying to use the Kyuubin Powers) and some imcomplete jutsu (his element jutsu).

    Why, why, why,................can't Naruto just get powered-up and stay powered. Why must Kish play with our feelings.

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    Thumbs down

    first 2 c naruto manga 421
    waitin for the discussion
    also the chapter fuckin sucked
    the best part was at the end when donzo messed up the frog
    idk but sumhow i have a 25% theory that donzo is good
    but i kno he crazy as hell and fast as shit he attacked the from seconds after they left the room.

    Rest of the chapter was borin as hell

    :(Very Angry

    unlike yall naruto is a part time thing i write this stuff when im board.

    yall gonna hear from me like once every other week.

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