everywhere i look, people are saying Tsunade is going to be the next person to be killed by Pain. My question is why? Of all the people to be killed off right now, i would say she is the least likely candidate.
my reasons for not wanting her dead are:
1) The other 2 sannin are already dead so why does kishimoto or anyone else feel he has to finish off the last one?

2) Jiraiya died trying to make sure no one else would sacrifice their lives fighting Pain, especially her. I don't think it would be right for Tsunade to be killed by them same guy who killed Jiraiya who died trying to make sure that didn't happen.

3) She is the 5th hokage!!! how many hokages need to die before Naruto becomes hokage? i mean, if they keep on getting killed off like that, Naruto's life expectancy if he even makes it into office is going to be dramatically shorter!

4) She already has a pretty good idea of how strong Pain is if he is the one who killed Jiraiya. She wouldn't be foolish enough to abandon her post as hokage and leader of the village to fight against someone she knows she can't win against.