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    Lightbulb What if Scenario !?! Sasuke comes back!

    I had this idea pop into my head ...

    What if Naruto battles Pain in the village and things are going well Naruto showcasing his new skill and all. Then Pain strikes back and Naruto gets caught in some kind of trap and it looks like hes done for then Pain looks shocked and we see a sword right in his gut.

    Standing behind him is no other than.. <<Dun dun dun dun>> Sasuke!

    What if Sasuke seemingly helps Konoha fight off Pain and beat him back and Pain is forced to leave. Sakura , Sasuke & Naruto all join forces to deal with Pain and save the village. Sasuke temporaly returns to village and says he finished his revenge but hasnt decided what hes going to do yet and is going to leave again to rap up some buiseness.

    Sasuke returns to Akatsuki Hideout and Madara mentions you got alot of guts to come back here. Sasuke says dont be absurd if he didnt intevene Pain would be the one dead. He mentions Pains tactics where noisy an he would have been overwhelmed by the collective forces of Konha. Konan mentons Pain never lost a battle and Sasuke mocking mentions the battle in the village where he had to run away. Kisame mention you shouldnt be joking you screwed up too with the 8 tails and explains what happened.

    Madara asks is there any reason why he should not just kill him right here and now. Sasuke tell's him no need to worry this is all part of his plan he needed to gain favor with the village so he can gain easy access to the advisors. Zetsu ask's well good for you but how exactly does that help us finding the 8 tails is gonna be even harder now as well as Konhas defenses are gonna be extra tight.

    Sasuke says in that case Pain should capture the 8 tails and leave Naruto to him. Sasukes explains this actually works better I can carry out my revenge and get Naruto. Madara says thats out of the question you already screwed up once. Sasuke explains that he should already understand the situation that Konoha's security is gonna be extra tight as Zetsu said and he is the only one who can gain entrance without arising suspicion besides the fact he Nknows Naruto better than any of them. He can get Naruto without even having to fight and says its a win win situation.

    TBC... XD

    Ok there goes my Fake future what if spoiler. So what do you guys think?

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    It'd make me mad if it was like this

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    sasuke = orochimaru, traitorous duck!

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    I can see it happening, but I don't think that it's going to happen.

    72 hours of hell!

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    I dont think it will happen like that but there is a chance. Although that would be the ultimate dick move by Sasuke imo.

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    the only problem if this was to happen is how would he leave the village again so easily and the summit of kages meeting. Even if Tsunde die their will be another Hokage and im pretty sure that they will tell that Sasuke is part of Akutsuki. I think that the Raikage aready sent something about they will be taking care of Sasuke.

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