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    Quote Originally Posted by SSJ-Roronoa View Post
    There's something about Boa that bugs me...she just doesn't give off that Shichibukai feel. So far, every other one we've seen made me think..."Holy Crap! This dude is about to kick some ass!"...but I haven't gotten that feeling from Hancock yet. Hopefully she does something really cool that'll make me think otherwise.

    Sure she put an entire Marine Crew with her ability, and is strong enough to easily defeat a Vice Admiral...but she hasn't realy impressed me yet. In the upcoming chapters, I hope she really shows what she's made of. (But I don't want Luffy to win in a fight against her...he beat one, got beat by'd be annoying for him to defeat another one so soon)
    The answer my friend is her ability to use Haki. Haki+DF = deadly combination.

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    I've already stated somewhere that her ability to turn people to stone is only part of her ability, I know that she has something like full mastery over stone and stuff. Giving her an arsenal of different weapons to use on Luffy.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    where are the OP spoilers for 519

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