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i'm not underestimating mihawk indeed he is strong
but the thing with shanks it was way back in the time
during the war .. pre time skip
mihawk didn't come near shanks in strenght
yes even with one arm shanks will beat him
wich doesn't make shanks a better swordman. (his superior haki)

When BB was running away from akainu it was a tactical decission
also he didn't run from shanks he was just beeing smart that's it
he had what he wanted i agree that shanks would've beaten him just like shanks could've beaten mihawk

not only mihawk had history with shanks even BB had it
Why did shanks visit WB ? the scar...he knew how dangerous he was.
now as for WB yes he smacked BB that doesn't mean anything since he is the strongest in the world
he wouldve smacked mihawk en the others to ...

i also noticed you put don flamingo as last .true we don't know much about him
he showed he had good control over diamond jozu in the war.


2-Don flamingo
"When BB was running away from akainu it was a tactical decission"

how is that, it would seem smarter to kill Akainu then and there with Kizaru/Aoikiji not being around - it was their best shot to get an admiral but they fled. Also Shanks had the scare back when Luffy just met him, so its not as if it was a recent attack which scarred Shanks, it was at least 12OP years ago, who knows what their strengths were then when compared to each other.

The rest of your post was speculation, Mihawk is a shikibukia and he doesn't even have a crew or a ship he must be among the strongest..

We know flamingo has probably several crews and ships so who knows about his power, as the rest of the shikibukais do have at least 1 crew backing them up (yes i know we never seen Kuma with a ship but im assuming he would have one unless he pops himself everywhere - however if thats the case how come he acted as he did when he went to morias ship? not only that but he was first seen in the harbor area which leads me to think he had a ship/crew)