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Its obviously Mihawk

The worlds strongest swordsmen - rival to Shanks before he lost his arm, after which, decided Shanks wasn't worthy as a rival.

Its a joke to seriously think any other Shichubukia can match him in a serious 1v1 fight, you can talk about Kuma's hax pads or Don Flamingo's potential, however, its hardly a side note compared to Mihawk's character.

Wow that old, not even true statement. You realize all you said was [B]in bold[B] which is really nothing that puts Mihawk above any1, or can beat any1 just from being the best swordsman.

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Indeed, Kuma was quite a fighter before he lost his personality. I mean he could blink short distances at the speed of light. Reflect pretty much any attack, had a strong sturdy body and Lazers. He didn't even need a boat to travel. Doflamingo, he seems more of the scheming type, not front line fighter. That said, when he clashed with Croc, he seemed to be pretty strong. And his DF Strings seem pretty strong and sharp. But like all DF thus far, I'm sure there's a weakness, much like there's one with Kuma (Moria made it clear his abilities wouldn't work on him), and also why SenGoku couldn't care less about him. Mihawk has the experience on his side. Boa has some potential as well, although compared to the others, I would say she lacks experience.
Not sure what you meant by this, nor who you chose.