View Poll Results: Who is the strongest Shichibukai?

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  • Dracule Mihawk

    25 55.56%
  • Boa Hancock

    2 4.44%
  • Crocodile

    1 2.22%
  • Blackbeard(Pre Timeskip)

    5 11.11%
  • Jinbei

    0 0%
  • Kuma

    3 6.67%
  • Gecko Moria

    0 0%
  • Doflamingo

    5 11.11%
  • Buggy obviously

    4 8.89%
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    I would say either Mihawk or Kuma... but we really don't know enough about everybody's fighting ability to make this assumption yet.


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    I agree with Damnz on Jimbei and Mihawk/Blackbeard being first and second respectively but then its a tossup because pretty much each Shichibukai had a skill that put them above the rest.

    Kuma-Multiple clones and teleportation powers, also that technique he used to almost kill Zoro
    Flamingo-Can control other people
    Blackbeard-Has the Will of D, a powerful crew, beat Ace, and controls gravity
    Boa- Can charm almost anyone with her beauty, and can turn them to stone
    Moria-Can steal others shadows and use them to become stronger, also has Oz the super giant
    Crocodile-Can control sand and had an entire oraganization of subordinates
    Mihawk- The Greatest swordsman of the seven seas
    Jimbei-Final Shicibukai revealed and a merman

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    Well, I would have to say Blackbeard. His power can counter any DF, he's physically quite capable to fight hand-to-hand, in fact we've seen a sample of his power, in that he could scar Shanks like that.

    I'd have to say that Mihawk is a close second, though, close enough to give Blackbeard a run for his money.

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    Mihawk, Doflamingo, then Blackbeard. I don't know. I guess Doflamingo and Blackbeard's position can be interchangeable in my opinion. All the rest.. who cares. >=]

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    i voted blackbeard...

    Just because his nakama are strange!!! and he became a shichibukai very fast....also got ace, and his nice black whole logia power.....

    im not sure about him being logia, but i guess he cant become darkness itself. blackwholes are super compressed and dense making him solid, super mega solid....

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    My guess would have to be Blackbeard, he was able to harm Shanks,(ie. scar by his left eye) unlike Mihawk who had battled him before but never scarred him. Not only that but Shanks even mentioned Blackbeard only joined Whitebeard to stay under the radar to not get noticed. Even though he has the darkness DF I still think he possesses other unknown powers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko Moria View Post
    @genix this a thread about the strongest shichibukai hmmm?
    so that means no whitebeard
    mihawk owns btw
    Ahh right Whitebeard is part of the Yonkou!
    The Whitebeard and Blackbeard tittles got me confused! xD
    Hmm then Yea, Mihawk is obviously the strongest Shichibukai, since he is Zoro's goal, and Zoro's afterall, the 2nd strongest SH crew member.
    He also has the "World's Stongest sword"...

    But then again, Blackbeard will likely become the main villain to the SH's in the future, so that will make him then the "strongest" of the 7 then, no?
    So I vote for Blackbeard then.

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    I dont know how you can choose blackbeard. he seemingly almost died while fighting asce. I think many of the veteran pirates would murder blackbeard. Give uloff a game tape of BB vs asce fight and Ill give him a 95% percent chance of victory 1 on 1 with Black beard.

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    I doubt Oda has introduced us the strongest of the Shichibukai. If I know him, he always gives us the best stuff as a surprise. I think it will be Jimbei who will be the strongest, but Mihawk is my 2nd guess. It's either one of those 2, unless we have not seen yet another Shichibukai.
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