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Thread: IRC help

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    IRC help

    So I download it,but when I open it up. I get confused.
    Is there a step by step thing showing me how I can get to the mangashare server?

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    when you open it it should prompt you with a few windows asking you to continue (attempts to get you to register) click ok until you get an Mirc Options window (if it doesnt automatically pop up, go to tools> options)

    here select the connect option and it will have spaces for your info.

    ignore that for now and select server underneath the connect option.

    Scroll though and find IRCHIGHWAY click that and highlight random server. Now hit the select button. Now go back you the connect tab above "servers" and fill in your name email and desired nick name. and hit connect

    after you connect it will give you a window called irchighway. type /join #mangashare

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    or just click on "IRC" in the menu-bar on
    it's the last point, this way it'll bring you directly
    to the mangashare channel, though you of course still gotta register some name...

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    That's been down for awhile, I don't think there are any plans to put back up either.

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    I think he means the one on the homepage, Fuzz, and that one still works. Hopefully, with the coming upgrade, the one on the menu bar in the forums would get fixed. :>

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