Ok here we go, i think i can assume both my theory are true! if they are u heard it here first guys ok?

PS: this theory is posted by the Uchiha clan

Ok first, we will start with his new jutsu he was training for. When naruto left the village, he didn't travel the toad sage performed a reverse summoning. That was the clue to lead me to: He is trying to master the reverse summoning, dunno how, maybe being a jinchuriki he reverse summons with the kyubi also, but hey! but i am pretty sure reverse summoning is the answer. Think about it, reverse summoning would be perfect for him, hiding in a mist of kage bushin the real one reverse summons behind to use a sage chakra shiruken rasengan! His dad had speed but in the video game ultimate ninja 3, he used a reverse summon like thing to get closer and threw his kunai... I think naruto is working on that, also it would fit with the picture since somke comming out of the air happens when u summon plainly! also remember jiraya was good at summons, probebly the sage chakra is the best kind for summoning jutsu. There are plenty more reasons, but this is my answer like prommissed in the title of this thread, REVERSE SUMMONING, to move around, maybe also reverse summon wiht the kyubbi chakra, also i think naruto will make peace with the 9 tail now that he is a sage.

For itachi gift to naurto, my answer is A fail switch for when akatsuki tries to extract the kyubii! let me explain, first we all know itachi has great powers,and planted amaterasu in sasuke eyes as a fail switch for when mandara would talk to sasuke, since he knew mandara will attempt to do so! Now for naruto, being the 9 tail and knowing Pain and mandara abilitys, he probebly knew naruto if confonted with them would lose... So in order to keep him alive, to help konoha and to preserve his lil brother in the right path ( since he probebly believes in naruto to make sasuke a good kid again! like when sasuke still had a family!) he probebly implanted something like for when the extraction of the kyubii will start, something will prevent the kyubii from extracting and keeping thus naruto alive, perhaps even itachi planted His "real" final jutsu before the sasuke fight, since he probebly knew susanno will be enought to keep orochimaru from doing anything. So his real final jutsu will probebly give the chance for naruto to escape to safety... thats my theory a fail switch so when akatsuki extracts the kyubii they cant, to keep naruto alive to pursue itachi ambitions even in death he will SU{RISE ME this itachi!

i belive this is the real deal!

u heard it here first

Sign Sasuke!