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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    Its true that its not confirmed whether Madara summoned the Kyuubi back then. But its a fact that the MS controls the Kyuubi. Its in the manga. Whether the MS can do the same with other tailed beasts is still a mystery. But I'm swinging towards no.
    There are many natural questions about the mysteries of the Sharingan, it is easy to conceive of some connection between the Sharingan with its usually overpowering pwnage, and the Kyuubi.

    Sasuke's encounter with the Kyuubi further heightens this perception. Kishi has left them unaddressed so far, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Kishi simply leave these questions unanswered at the end of the series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal-JyNxX View Post
    Google searched it! Lmao I almost busted a lung!
    Easy there buddy... it's not that funny. I didn't even chuckle actually.

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    I think I he'ed, you need to give us better lols hand..... wth

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    I would personaly hate if naruto and the 9tails worked together. Naruto is all good and the fox is pure evil. the only which i would like to see naruto using the foxes power is if he manages to some how control the fox wiht out having to actualy cooperate with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    I pointed out in another thread that Naruto may need to learn to communicate freely & establish some type of relationship with the fox in order to use its true power.

    However that may not be the only reason too do so beacuse I think the Fox may also know secrets about Madara. At the very least it knows about the incident 15 years ago in Konha.

    What I'm wondering about is twofold :

    -1st Is Naruto the first host of the 9 tailed Fox or was there someone before him from the land of fire?

    It is possible that after the 1st Hokage defeated Madara he took the Fox and sealed in a container or in someone else for safe keeping.

    - 2nd In the connection between the Uchiha Clan and the Fox it states that the MS has the power to control the 9 tailed fox but it doesnt say other tailed beast just the fox.

    I suppose if it could control other beasts Sasuke could have used it on the 8 tails.

    My Best idea is that this is related to the fact that the 9 tailed Fox is supposed to be Fire elemental based and the Uchiha as we know have a strong affinaty for Fire.
    ok u have two point here..

    1. is naruto the first host of the 9 tailed fox... it suppose to be that way.. but if it isnt and someone else hosting it before naruto in the fire country it leads us to another question... why does in the first time we know this manga it tels that the kyuubi incident are a natural DISASTER?? and it seems that konoha's doesnt really familiar with the kyuubi... and if the first put the kyuubi in some container it means someone release it, who is it?? and why do konoha suspect the uchiha's did it? if u only need to release from a container u dont need an uchiha to did it.. or maybe someone make the uchiha as an "escape goat"??? (and i really believe with this theory. i just think some power hunger -want to protect konoha in any extreme way-danzou are capable in doing it... although it cost the life of minato and many shinobi that time)

    2. i believe uchiha could also control other beast with MS but if u can control the most powerful of them (the kyuubi) u dont have to mention the rest...
    and i think hashirama couldnt control the kyuubi... he could control other tailed beast but could only suppress the kyuubi but cant control it..
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    It's practically impossible for naruto to co-operate with the kyuubi since his 100% evil, The only way they can co-operate together is if the kyuubi turns good and that isn't going to happen anytime soon. And even if they did work together the kyuubi would want to destroy everything and everyone making it hard for naruto to work with him.

    The only way is for naruto to make the kyuubi his pet like the 1st Hokage rather than a friend like killerbee.

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    If I had to guess, I would say that Madara nad the Uchiha clan had control of the Kyuubi themseles, and the 1st Hokage had captured the others, and gave them out. Them, when Madara left teh village, he took the Kyuubi with him. Now, we saw a scene from the battle when Madara returned and attacked the village, he had the Kyuubi and was controlling him. My guess is, when Madara was defeated, he lost control over the kyuubi for a moment and it escaped. Now, why didn't Madara recaptured the Kyuubi? Maybe because he was trying to stay out of sight, until he could recover and make another attempt on the village. Meanwhile, years past, and the Kyuubi, on its own, attacks the village, and ends up sealed, half inside Naruto, and half inside the 4th Hokage. So Madara develops a way to extract the tailed beasts from their hosts, so as to take their power again.

    I do think its possible for Naruto and the Kyuubi to work together, I don't think the Kyuubi is evil, its more that it has its own desires for freedom, and doesn't care for the same things that Naruto does. That doesn't mean that the relationship between them can't evolve into a stronger partnership, where it wouldn't be necessary for that level of seal to hold the Kyuubi in check.

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    some reason, i think madara framed the uchihas for the summoning of the 9 tails

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy View Post
    some reason, i think madara framed the uchihas for the summoning of the 9 tails

    Thats pretty much what it sums up to.

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    I always imagined the Kyuubi's chakra was the power that fuelled the Sharingan. Remember Kyuubi's note to Sasuke: "Don't kill Naruto.... you'll regret it." That way, there would be a natural connection between the Sharingan and Kyuubi, and not any other bijuu. If Kyuubi dies, the Sharingan no longer functions. My hope in this is that the destruction of the Kyuubi will result in the complete elimination of the Sharingan, thereby eliminating the history of the Uchiha clan forever.

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