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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal-JyNxX View Post
    Huh? Madara has Itachi's jutsu lol! When was this discovered?
    He has MS Isn't it ? Sasuke also Has Amaterasu without Itachi Sealed Power... Susano'o:
    "The Third and Final technique,Along with Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu,That Awoke within These Eyes on That Fateful Day"
    Itachi mention MS Has 3 technique so Madara Could possess it
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    couldn't madera use his sharingan on one of the bodies and cripple all of them at the same time since they all share each other's vision?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal-JyNxX View Post
    Yeah you got me there Zetsu did see that fight! As for the Sasugay thing. Sure Sasugay is villain-ish now. But bet your ass he'll be good again even if it doesn't make any real sense. Plus you forget the villains are ALWAYS stronger but the ALWAYS loose Sasugay vs Madara will be no different. Oh and Sasugay would never take his Bro's eyes. But he might get EMS from some kind of cheatery having to do with Itachi implanting his MS powers inside of Sasugay!

    WTF man there's NO let me repeat NO magic secret to instantly beat Pein. The secret is "The real Pein isn't fighting" that's it. And unless you know where the real one is you can never beat him no matter what!
    I know that duhhh! So what was Pain talking about then when he said Jiraiya could have beat him if he would have found out his secret sooner?Why would the fact that the real Pain wasn't fighting in the Pain v. Jiraiya fight would give Jiraiya an advantage at all? How would that given him the ability to beat him by knowing only that? You think that Jiraiya could have left that battle with Pain Rikudo and found the real Nagato and kill him or something???? I think not. I'm sure Pain was referring to a weakness that he has. I never said there was A magic secret to beat Pain btw.

    If you think that is the secret to pain then wtf cause that was pretty obvious, and Pa and Ma told Tsuande and Co. all about that so I'm sure there is more than that. The fact that the real Pain wasn't there was only 1/4 of his secret.

    If sasuke already had EMS, why would he be getting effects of blindness. I'm sure EMS would have showed up with the other crap Itachi gave him.

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    I believe the secret Pein was referring to when he was talking about Jiraiya was the fact that he had 6 bodies. Jiraiya thought it was over when killed the 3 pains then 3 more blindsided him. Had Jiraiya known there were 6 bodies in the first place, he wouldn't have been caught off guard.

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    Pein > Madara no compition

    Props to Ravona for Ava & Sig

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasen View Post

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    I think they're both really strong but I don't know who would win, Pain is pretty badass though, especially after that chapter.

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    I vote Madara would win, simpley because of the fact that Pein takes orders from him.
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    Madara being in charge of Pain it wouldn't shock me at all if he knew the location of the true Pain Nagato.... and something tells me if you take out the source (Nagato) that the others would die off. With his "instandeous-transmission whatever" he could just run up on Nagato and do some EMSing.

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    I didn't read all the comments, but from what I did read, no one mentioned this:

    If Pain is stronger then Madara, then why does he take orders from him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaigan View Post
    So Madara is weaker than Jiraiya who was able to take 3 pain body i dont saying Madara would pass all over Pain i am just saying we are taking about Madara without knowing the full length of his power.The way his two ability we have seen so far work is unknown so we dont known they weakness sure we can adjust what we think are this weakness depending of who u prefer.Pain can be strongest than Madara just as Madara can be strongest that pain or they can be pretty much equal i think it depends of who kishi wants as the final villan.
    Ok lets get this straight. Jiraiya had help from Ma and Pa Toad. And to win they used the strongest Genjutsu we've seen so far(yeh that toad song ownz Tsukyomi).

    Also people need to stop hanging on to the "Madara can teleport so he's unstopable" thing. You guys see him play around with some teenagers and think thats gonna stand up to top of the line Shinobi. The only thing that will help him do against Pein is escape. If they were fighting to the death he won't teleport far and with Peins sight he still would never get the upper hand.
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