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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post
    He will carve Sasuke's face on the Hokage Mountain.
    With Orochimaru behind him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfox87 View Post
    He'll become Hokage and then say - yes finally goal accomplished!! ....Now to eat some ramen....and then since the goal is already accomplished, he'll give the title of Hokage to someone like Shikamaru who can make the important decisions.
    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    I like this
    This thread is awesome! But +1 to this idea! It would be a perfect ending. Then Naruto could go travel the world bringing peace to folks and such and satisfying his ADD.

    Although I think that his brief few minutes as Hokage will be him summoning every single villager to Mt. Hokage, drawing in a deep breath, and making one, and only one, proclamation to the people:


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    would be perfect.
    i trully hope the world changes with his death, together with the death of "hate".

    after that, he would be remembered as the god who saved the world, perfectly ending with his child growing in hinata's utero (or sasuke's rectum).

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    He will bored, and give the Hokage to Sakura or Kakashi.
    And he will go writing novel like Jiraiya to preventing hatred around the world.
    Further more, maybe he will do all that (traveling) with Nine tails as his summon.

    1st Naruto before Release :
    Credit to... Forget >,<

    If you like it, please PM me for next chapter.

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    naruto is attempting what jesus tried to do. and look how far that got him..
    And witness the sparkle within this world of darkness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StareIntoMySharingan View Post
    naruto is attempting what jesus tried to do. and look how far that got him..

    Jesus went far, we have a religion called "Christianity," because of him.

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