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    Talking If Naruto ever got to be the Hokage, what would he do?

    Hehe, I was playing with the thought of Naruto being Hokage, and I get a lot of ridiculous thoughts. Your opinions could vary from serious to childish, but anyway...

    I think that Naruto's first order as the new hokage would be: To make ramen the national food!

    ^^ I could vividly imagine it already.

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    Didn't he say the first thing he'd do was changing the Hyuuga clan's branch traditions?

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    He would make his special erotic jutsus mandatory learning for all kids in the ninja academy.

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    He'd does nothing. End of manga.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oOYourdadOo View Post
    He'd do nothing. End of manga.
    Naruto is not suited for Hokage.

    er...if he's ever Hokage,
    Naruto is gonna kill the village's economy
    Narutofies everyone into n00bs
    and do other stupid shit...

    Konoha = annihilated

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    He dies of aids. From Haku through the needles she stuck in him! When he was younger!!!!!!!! ownage twist!

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    he will prolly die like the 4th

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    He gets bored! (of course)

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    yeah. he gets bored, so he finds some new uberly unlikely goal to go and achieve.

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    I was thinking that he gets in there, they give him some paperwork, he gets bored and leaves the village. Thats when he tries to become the Kage of the world. What, its another stupid dream for him to accomplish.
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