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    Quote Originally Posted by Tayuya101 View Post
    Favorite part was the main fight with Sasori and Chiyo. They were moving so fast and wild like I just had to laugh. O.o Im weird like that
    I was laughing at that part too and wondering how many more times they'd go back and forth between the two of them. Somehow, the way they depicted Sakura knocking the iron sand block back wasn't how I imagined it when I read the manga (not as dramatic?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sodem View Post
    oomg, kakashis face in the ending without mask. only 1 finger in front of he's mouth :o
    (he looks ugly in it)
    I thought Kakashi had a surgical mask on (surgical, medical, whatever it is those Asians wear to avoid germs).

    Anyways, I am sick and tired of seeing Guy and his team getting their butts evenly matched. "Wow! Nothing's changed. Good to know." Do we really need to waste three minutes of each episode with that crap?

    The action was better in these episodes. I'm waiting for more to happen, of course. I'm sick of having Chiyo control Sakura. I want to see more hot puppet on puppet action!
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