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    Request for translatiorns, raws, scanlation

    as title says, u guys should make a place where people can request all the mentioned in the titled.

    since the forum is pretty big, we might finding translators, scanlators in here. (im looking for translator for basement, lol)

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    there already is a place where you can ask for raws >_>

    And that request translations/scanlations thing...well, it doesn't work on MH, and won't work here either...

    If you ask me, that is.

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    O, so no admin gonna reply to me? ouch.

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    Uh well i agree that it wont work. Since I never pay attention to those kinds of recruitment threads.

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    It's not a bad idea, but I don't think a whole forum's necessary. Mangashare really isn't a place to look for team recruitments.

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    Wait until a new version of Mangashare is up, new upgrades and such; that will be the right time to suggest it again, I doubt the forum will be added until then...

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