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    Is Soul society really necessary?

    The Quincy Rebelion/War/ Whatever you think of it, raises a Larger question:

    IS Soul Society really Necessary?

    Can the Universe continue to operate and self regulate just fine without the help or interference of SS and the Shinigami? I get that the Human world may need protection from Hollows every now and then, but what if there were other means to do that without Shinigamis and/or Soul Society?

    How old is Soul Society, and how did the Universe operate before them?
    Just what is the Soul King, and what is his role if any, in the Grand Scheme of things?

    Will the Universe come to a Crash if Juha Bach annihilate Soul Society or the Hollows? In other words, could it be that Shinigami have inflated their own importance, and might it be that the Universe would get along just fine without them? As we have seen, Shinigamis may become very powerful beings and live very long lives, (like Yamamoto Genrusai), but in the end they also age, fall ill from disease, and die just like everyone else, In these sense they are not really Gods.

    Should Ichigo re-evaluate his affiliation to Shinigamis, and take the role of peace maker/broker, instead of being purely a defender of Soul Society. If he's a Shinigami because his father is one, he is also a Quincy from his mother, and he has hollow and Quincy friends and comrades. Is the Shinigami-centric role really a meaningful role for Ichigo?

    Will Kubo even address these issues? Has he even thought about how to resolve these sort of fundamental questions? LOL?

    What are your thoughts on these?


    Thanks to DonMegaPLP: I realise I have used the Term Soul Society as synonymous with Seireitei. I guess the word "Society" threw me off.

    So the question I meant to ask was:

    Is SEIREITEI Necessary?
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