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    If I told u I would have to kill u.....upps I just did, so, BEWARE OF THE DOG
    Pain wont die on Konoha, First he ll find out that Naruto isn't in the village and retreat and also we are not 100% that Sasuke want to destroy Konoha or he just deceiving Madara

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    Naruto isn't ready to take on Pain yet, plus there was the eight-tails fiasco. I'm guessing Pain is going to stop by, blow a bunch of stuff up, kick everyone's ass, get told that Naruto isn't there, kill someone, and leave. Naruto will return soon and get angry at Pain for what he's done, then prepare for his battle.

    I don't think Naruto will fight Pain until the end of the series. Other than Sasuke, Pain will be Naruto's big opponent.
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    I think Pain will attack Konoha and kick everyone's ass killing Tsunade in the process and then leave when he finds out Naruto isn't there, I don't think he'll die. The next up to attack Konoha will be Hawk, and they will fail. Then after Killer Bee is finally captured and his Bijuu gets extracted Akatsuki will go all out for Naruto setting up all the epic final battles. What I don't know is if Sasuke will team up with Naruto and Co. after Hawk fails in Konoha or if he will stay on Akatsuki's side. Either way it doesn't matter because I'm never right.
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    I just want to add to what I said before. Pain can't die, but he can be defeated. Naruto will defeat Pain upon his return. Of course that would only be Pain version 1.0.

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    believe me.. Pein will kill Sakura...

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    It will be great if Pain kills Konohamaru, I've been wishing he died since I first laid my eyes on him.
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    Only one problem, Pain can't die. You can kill all six bodies of Pain and they'll all be replaced. It would take time, but Pain would return. Pain is immortal. The one who controls Pain is not immortal. The only way to truly kill Pain is to kill the controller.

    Wow, didn't realize I had already posted in this thread.

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    What most likely could happen: Pain will most likely continue his fight with Kakashi and during the fight Kakashi is gonna get F-ed up, but right before he delivers the death blow, Iruka is gonna get in the way with some "your more valuable to the village then me BS, Naruto is our only hope BS" and die. He's goona find out Naruto isn't in the village and leave.

    What i want to happen: Pain will kill all the genin and ninja in the academy thus making sure Konahoa supply of ninja is cut off for the future thus killing "The King"

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