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    Attack on Konoha - Peins death

    We know two things that are certain at this point in the manga, regarding attacks on Konoha:

    1) Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha
    2) Pein is at Konoha, and wants to find Naruto and presumubly destroy Konoha

    Pein is actualy at Konoha or near to it at the moment. I think its safe to say that Pein will not succeed because if he does then Sasuke wont be able to destroy Konoha. Which is fairly obvious.

    I think that Sasuke is a more important character than Pein, and therefore he will be the one to attempt to destroy Konoha. So its safe to assume that Pein will die trying.

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    Or he will find out that his objective is not in Konoha and retreat.

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    or he can start to destroy konoha to lure out naruto

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    The most predictable ending in this series would be Naruto and Sasuke duking it out at the end correct? So Pein dying is a given.

    - Naruto's whole powerup would be useless and Kishimoto will have wasted his fans lives.
    - If Naruto doesn't defeat Pein (or if Pein doesn't go away) then there will obviously be no Sasuke vs. Naruto fight
    - It would be out of character for Sasuke to join either Pein in destroying Konoha (presumably becuase he wants that pleasure himself) or join Naruto (?).

    Even then, he's obviously going to die or atleast be defeated by Naruto or someone in the village because lets use my first reason. Why would Kishimoto waste time and chapters on a power up that can't even defeat the guy it was design to beat? The only interesting thing that would keep the fans hungry is how it would turn out.

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    Hmm, this is coming from a completely diff perspective, just be open to my idea, its more of a, OMG that would OWN kinda thing but we all know its highly impossible (or is it), Ok here it is:

    I personally would like to see- Naruto&Sasuke vs Pain&Madara. AT THE SAME FIGHT. how hot would that be??
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    I just wanna see Pein killing an important konoha shinobi. Sai would die. And Iruka. Maybe Pein would escape from the place to die a little far killed by Naruto. Its gonna be messy, I know.

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    it would be great if pein failed. I do think some konoha important shinobi will die though.
    I hope it's not kakashi but since kakashi is the only one around capable to match him, I guess he's the one to die this time. This will add more reasons for naruto to destroy pain as soon as possible

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    if kakashi dies ill stop reading this manga because ill be crushed, but it makes sense with the whole pass on to the next generation thing, but i dont think he can fight pein alone if jiriya couldnt handle it. kakashi would need help just to stall pein

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    It is possible that Pain will get Naruto. Naruto will try to put up a fight and maybe hurt Pain just a little. Naruto will be taken to the statue place thang, but Sasuke messed up with Killerbee so they can't take the Kyuubi yet. Raikage has assigned the rescue team for Killerbee and Konoha will assign a team to rescue Naruto. Killerbee's team will get there first and realize that he ain't there, they'll find Naruto and probably help him, but are then forced to fight Akatsuki, Killerbee's team will be close to losing, but Naruto's rescue team arrives and Akatsuki will decide to retreat for the time being.

    I think that it might go something close to the above, we've already had rescue Sasuke arc and rescue Gaara arc, I think Kishi likes em rescue arcs.

    The only thing I'm sure of is that there will be a rescue Naruto arc, which will suck.

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    Only one problem with this theory. Pain can't die. Nagato can, but Pain can't. Only way to kill Pain is to takeout Nagato. Problem is no one knows where he is, except for maybe Konan.

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