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    I'd say it was more a lemon than a peach.

    Peaches are usually quite vibrant and active fruit.

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    Yeah and if you say something/someone is peachy usually it refers to one being in good feeling. A lemon on the other hand being sour/bitter is a much better example as it leaves, to most a foul taste in their mouth.

    I do still like the Bleach manga and will again enjoy the anime once the fillers are over.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulimo View Post
    "Sorry Ichigo, but our princess is in another castle"
    Bleach has become a Mario!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narhbos View Post
    Well it's shounen-themed... basically, the only attractive feature is the 'action'. Sides compared to Inuyasha or One Piece, this is waaay better (from my point of view).
    Heresy! One Piece is the best.

    Anyways, about this arc being the same as the Soul Society arc, there are a lot of similarities, but this arc does do things a bit differently. For one, it is a lot darker; also, the characters are facing much worse battles (and not simply in the sense that the people are stronger than the captains).

    Chad and Rukia may be dead (though we're 98% sure that they're not); Ishida and Renji are fighting an utterly hopeless battle; and Ichigo can't seem to do well against anybody. In Soul Society, the battles didn't seem as hopeless or one-sided, and it was usually quickly revealed that a character wasn't dead after all.

    Dealing with the quality of the series, it has gone down a bit, but what is the mangaka supposed to do? Most of the ideas I hear from people about what they would like to happen (as an arc) is crap that most people wouldn't like at all. Kubo set up something to happen with Aizen, and he had to follow through with it. He had to have Ichigo and the gang follow Orihime when she was captured because it's what the characters would do. After that, he has made some mistakes, but at least he is getting us somewhere. It's better than a lot of the crap out there.
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    I stopped watching it around ep 20. I rather read the manga.

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    i dont really have problem with manga but anime is really disapointing right now

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    (about the anime)the thing that i liked at first was the drawing.they used to draw with way more colores than now.if there was a sadow on someones face,they used at least 3 its like naruto,we have to say thnx for 2 sades!

    well i ll continue watch/read bleach anyway

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    Oh my here we are again, yet another disappointing week for Bleach, Is it me or they are really trying to lose their entire fan base on purpose?. Well i tried my best to give it another chance but it seems to be getting worst. I'll be watching naruto, claymore or something worth watching..... someone wake me when this bleach nightmare is over please
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    Damn, I voted the first option cuz I read wrong the text: I though it was "Man, this is shit" and that's why I voted... -_-

    Well, about Bleach... okay, the first saga was awesome (the anime and the manga) and the manga continued being great. I hardly followed that shity filler arc of the anime and stood up until the episode 125, that's the last one I watched. I suppose I'll reteak it again when I have nothing better to watch...
    And about the manga, I dropped it at the chapter 283 or 284 (in the GJ-KI battle) cuz I was bored... those fights between Espadas and Shinigamis aren't big thing... I just got tired of it. I suppose I'll also retake the manga when it reaches the chapter 300 or sth like that... when it gets more interesting...

    Okay, now is the time, you can start blaming me :p

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    in the anime ulquiorra gets whooped....... isnt he ment to be one of the strongest?

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