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    Quote Originally Posted by OldChemist View Post
    I'm really into Bleach right now. The whole Orihime rescue is just a sub-plot when you look at the big picture. The main plot is with Aizen trying to get the King's key. Unlike the Rukia rescue which was only to rescue Rukia, the Orihime rescue is probably here to show us developments in Ichigo's Vizard and to show us Espada and their powers.

    As for the anime, I can't wait for the Ichigo vs Grimmjaw fight to be animated as that was a really intense battle. The whole part explaining Grimmjaw's background was some good information.
    Yeah it's pretty a pretty intense plot when you think of it all as a whole. I'm just jumping up and down waiting for the Heuco Mundo Arc to be animated. It is going to be incredible!

    Let's just pray that they don't include those little dolls in it!

    Battle wise Bleach gets an automatic A+ when it's animated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catho View Post
    Battle wise Bleach gets an automatic A+ when it's animated!
    HELL YEA! Even that short clip when Ulquiorra deflected Benihime's attack and he struck Yammy was cool! I can't wait to see Ichigo's battle in HM, I wonder will there be any battles on par when Ichigo Vs Zaraki haha! XP

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    Well so what if it's got a big overall plot, it's pointless if they don't explore it, and they're not exploring it. It's like writing Harry Potter then spend 50 pages describing his wand and colour of his shoes. Bleach has gone way downhill these days, I much rather D.Gray-man, Naruto, One piece and Kekkaishi. At least they are original and exciting, animation wise D.gray-man and Kekkaishi take the crown. Animation wise Bleach is trash, some of the crap is actually painful to watch, eg. Ep 120 19:50 Bankai, Even the fighting is quite crap, Sure it was good at the very start when the plot picked up after bount arc but they've dropped their ball again, sure it's not as bad as bount arc (Deformed faces, Ishida's attack having a freaking bad background) but it's definitely not as good as it could be, especially if compared to the SS rescue arc. Ep. 122 was probably the best one in the new arc, but it's still mediocre, sure the animation and quality looks good, but the fighting is pathetic, I mean what did they actually do? They just ran at each other with swords and then pushed each other away and repeated that, then Ichigo had those dumb flashbacks, probably one of the most disappointing battles to date in any anime.

    Now let move forward a little, into the manga, nothing is happening at all, they are fighting, each person has a new skill, they almost get defeated, then they show off their secret trump card and win. Big whoop, it's stupid, that's the thing with this series, they forgot to put a cap on their character, one moment we have Kenpachi being a crazy strong person fighting on par with a pre-bankai Ichigo, then Kenpachi goes on to demolish 2 captains and Ichigo can't even cut Aizen when he receives bankai. Then it is revealed that Aizen has twice the power of a normal captain, Ichigo has become a half Shinigami and half Hollow making him omg-mega pwnage. So many inconsistencies with the power level of everyone, Ichigo seems to be some kind of fountain of power, in the hundreds of years that the shinigamis have been training they have never reached such a high level of power, suddenly Ichigo shows up and all of the sudden he is more powerful than the average captain and his friends are able to take on hollows that would prove to be trouble even for a captain.

    One piece and Naruto on the other hand have this 'cap', Sure Naruto is chakra based, but it's still mostly technique based and every character is unique, like if they want to become more powerful they train and create or perfect their jutsu, they can't just train up their chakra and become super powerful, the fights are actually choreographed, some guys has planned how 2 people will fight each other and what jutsu they will use and stuff like that, where in bleach it's just 2 swords hacking at each other, (They used to have special abilities but now it's just normal fighting) and who ever has the power level over 9000 wins. One piece also has this element, characters adapt to their situations and come up with new things to fight, they don't just boost their power level and overpower their enemies, they all have secret techniques which they develop knowing they will need it once they run into more powerful enemies. Bleach has gone downhill since they rescued Rukia, there's no point in denying it.

    Bit more ranting, I agree with some others that the "airwalking" is bullcrap, especially when I got animated, I mean wtf? How come Ichigo needed item to fly in SS? Why don't people use shunpo to run around? The animation for the airwalking is also shite, have you noticed the dust and rubble that appear when they get knocked back as if they were on solid ground? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

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