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    Has Bleach Become A Peach?

    As some of you might realize by now, bleach has become a C- series if now worst... Its felt like eons ago that Sōsuke Aizen and the accompanied captains left for Hueco Mundo, which was the highlight of the whole series. After that we had to then sit through a somewhat ok Filler arc only to come back to the same nonsense again.. even the manga seems to be getting less and less interesting as it go along, i mean when in the world is this story going to actually come together?.... Seeing Ichigo Kurosaki gain strength to lose only to gain more strength and win has become old and stale, also having numerous whining characters along with some stuffed animals (very very annoying ones) and some of the worst story development.

    It has now come to a point where i ask myself "why do I read/watch this nonsense?", they have so many other anime/manga series that is superior at this point.. and my answer to that is, i see potential in it...

    I would love to know where you all stand on this whole issue

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    I continue to watch the anime because of the character designs, their interactions and of course the signature of Bleach - hyperpowered sword fights.

    As to Ichigo's powerup resolve wins...that's bascially the essence of shounen.

    As to the plot being driven to slowly in the anime...well it's filler time this time around in the anime, so don't expect to much now. Did you want the anime to pull a shippuuden (blending filler elements in the canon episodes) or what?

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    It's shit now. This Hueco mundo arc is almost the same as the Seireitei Arc.

    Ichigo and the gang infiltrate Hueco Mundo (Seireite) and fight through the Espada (Shinigami Captains) and Arrancar (Shinigami) to rescue Orihime (Rukia).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    It's shit now. This Hueco mundo arc is almost the same as the Seireitei Arc.

    Ichigo and the gang infiltrate Hueco Mundo (Seireite) and fight through the Espada (Shinigami Captains) and Arrancar (Shinigami) to rescue Orihime (Rukia).
    yup, the only difference i see is the shinigami from the previous arc look like shit compare to the arrancars and Aizen's gang

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    When I saw the title of this thread the following witty play of words sprung to mind:

    "Sorry Ichigo, but our princess is in another castle"
    Your friendly neighborhood debunker.

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    Well it's shounen-themed... basically, the only attractive feature is the 'action'. Sides compared to Inuyasha or One Piece, this is waaay better (from my point of view).

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    If Bleach has become a peach, its the most unripe, sour peach I have ever eaten...

    What originally attracted me to the Bleach Anime (which is the first encounter I had with Bleach) was the really interesting drawing style and cinematography but I hung around to see what would happen to Ichigo when he went to Soul Society.....but now I just cant stand to watch any longer this series is drawing out too long and there isn't anything revolutionary about it, the art work has become somewhat standard and once in a great while there will be a great episode with lots of things that impress me but its becoming rarer and rarer.

    The same with the Manga, they keep prolonging this series and filling it with useless information and characters, I would much rather have a filler arc that went into detail about the MAIN characters in the series and not about a dead baker or a little kid who got killed in a car accident -_- its lame....

    I hope something drastic happens soon or my viewership is going to go down even more (im only watching it every month or so all at one time and even then I tend to fast forward through the crap...)
    A pie in the sky?

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    I gave it a B. When it first started out, it was definately an A++! Now there's more frustration then suspense which, well, frustrates people to no end. The Soul Society Arc had suspense in a sort of relaxed way, if thats possible. People were eager to know what's going to happen but were happy with what was going on in the present time. They were excited DURING fights and everything else!

    Right now everyone is just waiting for Ichigo's fight to end and people aren't happy with the way it was executed. The only joy that people are going to have is when Ichigo's fight ends and it moves onto something else.

    Needless to say, BLEACH has lost it's touch right now. Hopefully Kubo will do something to bring us back.

    This my opinion, you don't have to agree.

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    the anime has gone to complete CRAP, seriously. Did they like, fire the animators and hire a new set or something? The quality of art in the anime is something I could do better. Then there's the issue of fillers, being intermittedly inserted. The manga is still good to read, but I'll skip the anime altogether.

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    I stopped reading Bleach about 50 chapters ago. =/

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