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    Quote Originally Posted by RedPan View Post
    The proof came from Gameboy (Who is a friend of the real poster) when he brought it to light in the, "Naruto is the Perfect Hero" thread in the theories section. And he posted a link to the original theory that was posted in early August on NF.

    And SHODAIME! responded with something along the lines of, "That's me but I'm on this site now and not there."

    But the thing is, the person who wrote and posted all of the theories on NF hasn't left NF and still actively posts and interacts with people.
    I'm going to respond to the OP now.

    I don't believe Madara uses Senjutsu. I think he must use something else to maintain whatever he has going on with himself.

    I also don't believe the 6th chakra type is nature. It has to be something beyond the standard elementals and light and dark. I do agree that pain has a lot of Chakra. He has to have a lot to maintain those six bodies. That is, if he doesn't do it entirely by himself. (I get the feeling that the bodies themselves are 'still alive', and producing their own Chakra but on a mental level, they're dead.)

    That was really Naruto risking himself to kill Kakuzu. It was even commented by Kakuzu, that Naruto risking his own life to do it.

    I don't know what to say about Naruto and the Key that Jiraiya left. Is Naruto going to swallow it? Because the Keyfrog complained about keeping the 'lock and key' together when we last saw Jiraiya talking to the Keyfrog. But it's a merit for Naruto winning against somebody, so in that thought, I say it's possible.
    with regards to the part about "shodaime" i don't really know anything about this so , i won't put my foot into my mouth.
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