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    Quote Originally Posted by Split Second Shot View Post
    Well apparently Luffy's seen the crest somewhere before, so maybe he was already turned to stone, he defeated such a beast himself without getting cursed, or...well it's Luffy I think it's the second one :\
    Yeh I would say he defeated the beast and had it for lunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonflame View Post
    Just what i was thinking when i read the sc.....

    Anyway, stop the flaming guys. I don't think loud meant it in a hard way when he said it, he tried to be cynical and some of you took it the wrong way. So stop flaming him and eachother, i think he made it well aware he wasn't trying to belittle anyone. He's been playing with words in most of his posts if you haven't noticed.
    He's probably a nice guy. So lets forget this and move on.
    Thank you so much for understanding me. I really appreciate the fact that you understand how I feel. Whew that brightened up my day, that really makes me feel welcome in this thread thank you DragonFlame. I didnt really mean to hurt anyone I just really like to stress out things, english is not my native language so i dont know how you guys interpret the tone i am in when i write.., so thank you for understanding me mr dragon flame enough about me on to EICHIRO ODA., he's a freakin genius !!! Im all about Haki Haki Haki cant wait to see how the crew grows
    When chopper eats 4 rumble balls
    Immortality....Take it, ITS YOURS ! ! !

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    lol.. i think there's whitebeard's symbol at her back.. luff's seen ace's tattoo before.. damn Hancock gonna be really pissed off!! Next chapter: Luffy vs Boa Hancock

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