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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaraky696 View Post
    man, i could go and show you all proof that show that Zaraki's Zanpaktou is not in shikai/bankai ect but man this is naruto. As for naruto, I didn't even read the databook, cuz it's useless.

    And for killer bee, he better run n run till Madara catch him up. lol. Getting Fried 2 time gonna suck.
    There's already a thread about that in the bleach forums. There's probably three.

    Also, it was revealed by Yumichika (The pretty one) that zanpakutos can have partial releases if you piss off your zanpakuto avatar.
    Killer Bee is going to live. I think the Raikage his bro is going to get beaten by Madara.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RasenShuriken88 View Post
    Sasuke is still pure haha
    but failed his mission
    You know I really didn't get it. When Itachi said Sasuke was pure was hinting that Sasuke is still a......... virgin. I mean wouldn't that make him kinda slow or behind schedule if he's seeking to revive his Clan.

    Unless his eye balls also spit-out new borns................
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Poor example...
    I would read all databook and reread the manga just to prove you that databook are useless but it would be a total waste of time. So i'll stay with how Zaraki zanpaktou is alltime release while eh doesn't know it name. Youruichi said you needed name ect for shikai and materilization(nmispelled probly) for bankai. Zaraki has none of those = imposible for shikai, even more for bankai. He doesn't have any seal on his sword because it not the power of his sword but his own.

    as for killerbee, who want some buffalo Cripsy burnt wing now.

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    419 is out now.....


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