View Poll Results: Who is the Best Mangaka?

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  • Masashi Kishimoto

    18 14.63%
  • Kubo Tite

    5 4.07%
  • Eiichiro Oda

    69 56.10%
  • Katsura Hoshino

    2 1.63%
  • Hiro Mashima

    3 2.44%
  • Oh!Great

    8 6.50%
  • Akira Toriyama

    9 7.32%
  • I don't know who these people are

    9 7.32%
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    You make a good point thsv, but bringing HsotD and NHK into this is playing dirty, you know they're my weakness ;_;

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    None of the above.
    I say either Tsugumi Obha & Takeshi Obata or Norihiro Yagi.. :\

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    Akira Toriyama should have all of these votes


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    no naoki urasawa?

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    One Piece Eiichirō Oda reasons for the vote...

    Oda is the main one for me

    1. good plot twists ie robin instead of vivi
    2. Good plot development ie introduction of dragon and his relevance.
    3. Keeps you wondering ie the ancient weapons, true history, one piece, new world, why the 4 emperors has not gained one piece, the revolutionists, "will of D.", what island next ETC...
    4. Likable characters there is a character for each of us.
    5. even the most laughable situations can become EPIC ie "ten ton hammer" nuff said.
    6. World/Geography is the most thought about amongst any other manga ie the "Grandline", "Redline", "4 blues", "skyislands", "calm belt", and the log pose that is needed instead of the compass.
    7. Beautiful string of real stories and legends of our world being incorporated into the story ie crocodile=captain hook, Warriors of Elbaff= vikings, and Thriller bark= vampires, mad scientists, and zombies.
    8. Drawings are original and fits the story.
    9. Oda thinks waaaaaay ahead ie in the chapter covers early on octopus meets certain mermaid(spoilers don't wanna spoil)and they become relevant later in the plot.
    10. Characters have their "own original move set" all on their own and how Oda improves each of them is remarkable and gives us a variety.
    11. Makes a statement "Fun when needed to be and epic when needed to be", Perfect timing.
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    I think there's no point in making that poll, since it's pretty obvious there are tons of mangakas people like that are not any of those; those are just a few popular ones from Jump and two other mags. My "top 5" of mangakas would not include any of those. There should be a poll with the really great, famous, classic ones.

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    as far as drawing skills go probably kouta hirano (hellsing). concerning story: the "death note" duo.
    The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

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    everytime i see this thread title, i feel like voting for it...then i see that i've already voted for it =(

    eii-sama pawns all!

    yes. i am THAT close with the man you call oda =P

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    ODA. Im probably a bit biased tho cause I like OP but...-_-'

    Thanks to Ravona for the avatar and signature.

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